Bluebell flower :



        Bluebell is a spring flowring plant with blue or white may be violet-blue or pink flowers shaped like bells it is associated with constancy, gratitude and everlasting love




        Bluebell grow in forests, grasslands, mountainsides, woodlands...when growing together it creates a dazzling display of brilliant blue ...


          Bluebell flower early in the year from April through June, the flowers can be eaten raw and the leaves can be eaten raw or cooked. Mountain bluebell could be a poisonous plant, it has medicinal uses :

                 for smallpox ( a serious disease causing a high fever),

                 for measles ( infectious disease especially of children, with a fever and small red  spots that cover the whole body ).


            It is a beautiful, dilicate flowers which can be found in Europe and North Africa they are members of the lily family and native to Portugal and Spain.


Poppy flowers :

           A poppy flower is a wild or cultivated flowering plant with large, often bright red flowers, it grows in gardens, it has 4 to 6 petals they are the most popular wildflowers , they are easy to grow but they don't last long.

          Bees use poppies as a pollen source, but ancient egyptians ate poppy seeds to releive pain, indeed doctors and Modern science proved that poppy seeds contain drugs such as morphine an codeine which relieve pain.

This beautiful flowers especially red one have symbolic reasons, they are liked with war in remenbrence of soldiers who have died during wold war1.

          Every spring and summer poppy flowers create a great display of brilliant red color, but during the great war they have disappeared, years after that the beautifful flowers flower again .

                                             I do not like war